Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nothing Feels Better Than a Good Stretch

Though piercing is a very popular form of body art, some people feel as though a small piece of metal through their skin is not enough. These people take the small hole made by the original piercing and stretch the skin around it gradually over time until the desired size is reached. Though gauging an piercing is often though of as an extent of piercing, it cannot be done as easily as a simple piercing, nor can it be done in as many places. In order to gauge a piercing one usually starts with a normal sized piercing and then slowly over time the person gets bigger and bigger gauged pieces of jewelry and stretches the opening. Gauges can range in size from just slightly larger than a pin to big enough for someone to fit his hand through the hole. People cannot get every piercing gauged to that extent though, for obvious reasons. Most people, if they opt for gauges, only gauge their ears, but in some cases, such as the one shown above, gauges can be in their lips and nose as well. In even more rare cases people get more private piercings gauged such as their nipples or even parts of their genitalia. If done incorrectly gauging can result in serious consequences. The skin around the gauge can often split or scar if stretched too rapidly without adequate time to heal between switching the sizes of jewelry. Though some people find gauges to be unattractive, frightening, or even intimidating it is just another way in which people can express their creativity with their bodies.

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