Thursday, March 26, 2009


Body piercing is another very popular form of body art that has become increasingly popular. Piercing is the act of taking a piece of metal jewelry ("jewelry" being used loosely) is inserted through the skin of a recipient and then is left there as a piece of body decoration, like ornaments on a Christmas tree. Piercings can range from the simple and common to the extreme and outlandish. Simple piercings, such as one or both ears is often times done when the recipient of the piercing is very young sometimes even before the recipient can talk. Facial piercings are another very common form of body art. If the recipient does not want to have too extreme piercings he or she may opt to have his or her eyebrow, nose (nostril or septum), tongue, or lip pierced. Even these can sometimes get to be closer to the range of extreme piercings if done with too much frequency. Piercings options often stray from the face and head though. Many teenage girls, and a few guys, get their bellybuttons pierced. Many consider any other piercings to be extreme and, in some cases, grotesque. With technology today it seems that people can get a piece of metal through, or at least stuck into, any and every part of their bodies. Certain websites are even dedicated to the art of body piercing. is a site completely devoted to the art of body piercings. They have categorized archives of pictures of piercings. They have galleries for piercings of the eyebrow, nose, lip, tongue, ears, and navel. They also have galleries for more extreme piercings such as nipple piercings; male and female genitalia piercings; pocketing, which is when a piece of metal is embedded under the skin with parts of it exposed; and one category which is just labeled "Unusual ("

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